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RS season begins - get to know prevention!

RS season begins - get to know prevention!

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By age 2-3, RS virus infects almost all children and causes symptoms similar to the common cold.

However, in some cases, it can cause severe infections in small infants with pre-term infants and in certain infants with significant congenital heart disease or in patients with congenital heart disease. In Hungary, RSV infections are seasonal and occur from November to April. Virus infection can be obtained several times a season.
The symptoms of a mild infection are the same as the average week. In severe cases, your child may experience falls, weakness, coughing, generalized numbness, and hot flashes. Less often, lips and yeasts, dryness, breastfeeding, and feeding problems can occur.

What can you do to help prevent infection?

  • Everyone who comes into contact with the baby should wash their hands!
  • If you are hot, do not kiss the baby, rather gently embrace or caress the head! Don't take sick visits!
  • Don't smoke in your baby's environment!
  • From November to April, do not bring your child to a crowded place.
There is a vaccine against RSV, which is used to deliver the ready antibody into your child's body. Check with your doctor if your child belongs to a vulnerable group for RSV infection and is eligible for vaccination against RSV! The vaccination is available free of charge to eligible babies between November and March. Maintaining adequate protection It is important for your child to receive protection every month throughout the season. If a series of vaccinations has been started, the babies should be brought back to the next vaccination every month. If you have any questions about RSV infection, contact your doctor or visit for more information.
This document is intended for information purposes only and is not a substitute for consulting a health care professional. For specific complaints, please contact your doctor if you have any questions.
Reference: Mszszner Zs., Szabou M., Pediatric Further Review. 2011; 16 (5): 2-7
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