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Aggression or empathy?

Aggression or empathy?

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The tension can be lowered in several ways. By March, the aggressor is overcoming. What can be done to avoid filling up the stress on the child?

Aggression or empathy?

Release your brother right away because you will get yourself! - The desperate threat comes from the mouth of the disciplining mom. And in most cases, the child really does get to himself. The scales are very wide: from the iconic butt to the hard and the unthinkable. The saddest thing is that it happens.Not only is the problem, but also its "naturalness". Not even turning the head of those who are punished, awakened by this "ancient" well-used way of thinking it might be. That it could do the job of physical aggression instead of intentional punishment. I also mentioned my brother's sinful child, because in many cases the angelic gentle, calm seedling changes from evil to bad.

The order of things

The other typical case is that called children in the rut they will be suddenly willful, constantly opposing, opposing others. Even then, feelings can easily escape - poor control. Some kind of aggression, that is to say, an act that is intended to cause other sorrow, does not occur before the second age. the order of things. However, it would be good if you had other first experiences. However much we are angry with the child, before we react in a sober way, think about things, especially their situation. Believe me, this is the worst thing for her struggling with his own bad sensesthat scare him. He doesn't even understand what this is all about, he doesn't know what he is up to, and that's why he has a hard time dealing with it. The smartest thing to do at this time is to help him navigate his own tangled and dark sensations before the trouble escalates.

How do we help?

The first and most important is calm, determined behavior, a feedback from us. In these cases, let's just say in words, how angry you are, how difficult it is to cope with your inertia, so you are in a difficult situation. A calm, attentive, mild-mannered and insensitive soul can alleviate the often seizure-free condition. It should be clear to him that sometimes one has such inventions when one is angry about something or something. So you should "talk" about these depressed, often unconscious sensations. But how to get rid of it must be shown to us as adults. In addition to the immediate outbreak of aggression, there are other ways to solve problems, to reduce tension. , we call it "good behavior"). The most important factor in this is the ability to empathize. We need to teach the child to do this, but if we are to believe in empathy, we must first develop ourselves in this field. Being involved allows you to understand the feelings, indices, aspirations of others that are not directly visible because others do not express them in words.

The Art of Doom

The relationships we have written about other human beings, if appropriate from our young children, are called and interpreted for ourselves, and only then can we provide the appropriate assistance. After the appreciation, we can respond to the sincere requests of his soul. For example, it is clearly stated that we do not like our little brother better, that he always stays in the front line to recognize the accomplishments, abilities he has in the meantime, and that he will not lose us. that the little intruder is jeopardizing his usual position, and so is the ambition that he is destroying. Rivalry generally remains, which can be not only negative but also positive: it can be a constant source of inspiration and development.

The power of role-changing

Pay attention to helping the child recognize and understand the intentions and feelings of others. Others also say that the baby she just chastised for, how frightened she is to be surprised because she accepts her love for her brother. It can help a lot to play with these children playfully. For example, with the help of babies, allowing the role-changers to be validated: after the baby's own play, we can play the role of the mother.Most of what we grown up can do so that our children can control their emotions, understand the feelings of themselves and others, and are selfless and helpful. The best way to do this is to provide a pattern that your child can follow, imitate, and engage in behavioral and moral standards.VIII.йvf. /