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Watch your baby!

Watch your baby!

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From 2015, we are officially counting on our observers and doctors to help us diagnose our development problems much sooner.

On the mother's side, we look at our baby's eyes for almost 24 urns to see if everything is okay, whether the baby is developing properly. And if we saw something strange, we could not always decide whether to see a doctor. Durri was two months old when her mother found that the baby did not keep eye contact with her, did not pay attention to her environment, she watched her strangely after sucking. The home doctor for complaints Anti-reflux tбpszert he warned me, but it didn't help me, and even after a few meals, the bullies showed up, anxiously, for a longer period of time. Five months later, it became apparent that the baby was not paying attention to external stimuli, so they were avoiding child neurology. Based on the video footage he had taken with him, the specialist concluded that the series of bulletins were indeed in need of medical treatment for epileptic seizures, Dour's severe patient.

The inquiry would have helped

"Twelve of twelve weeks. At two months of age, Douri would have answered" No "to so many requests in a parent observatory that could be introduced in 2015, says dr. András Fogarasi, who works with unique support for the project Early Childhood Program professional leader. "As there is no problem at all, the answers would have indicated a red exclamation point that needed a more detailed examination. And this is the purpose of this question: if you have a child, needs development, you'll find out as soon as possible, as the first three years of development are much more effective than the later ones. "

Your word counted

Parents of children under the age of seven must be tested at the end of the past year fifteen in the developmental life cycle megvбlaszolniuk. The importance of parents' responses to the question and the accuracy of their observations were also confirmed by the fact that the physicians also screened children who had a developmental problem in the test.

Watch your baby!

"This is good news," adds Dr Fogarasi, "because the experience of being tense between a doctor and a parent when he or she brings his or her often unverifiable source of information on the Internet to the doctor. the problem, you can turn to a specialist with a professionally recognized, objective test result, so the mother may be less likely to be anxious and hesitant to ask your doctor for helpwhile also wasting valuable development time. "
Professors in Fagaras aim to make the use of the title compulsory by law, which would mean, in a unique way in the world, that each child would be screened by the age of one week. The duration of the program is five years, but establishing a Methodology Office can help ensure that all parents and physicians will continue to benefit from the Parental Observation Card after it has expired. Inquiries will be sent to parents two times, either via e-mail or post-registration assistance, and they will receive information about the child's development right from the start.