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Starting school can cost up to 100,000 HUF

Starting school can cost up to 100,000 HUF

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The enrollment of a first child can exceed $ 100,000. Many families can only cover their expenses with credit.

Starting school can cost up to 100,000 HUFStarting school can be a major expense. Much depends on how much parents have to put in their pockets: the age of the children, the number. took a look at how much it might cost to start a school, but it was different, but based on a typical life situation:
  • A family with a first child starting school
  • A family with a third grade child
  • One family with two children, one first, the other third grade
(Forrбs: buying, you may want to visit several locations and check the price. There's a lot to be spared. Usefully, passing on older educators to older children in the family can save a lot of money.However, it is still a significant expense, especially if the family was on vacation. Many families can only cover their start-up costs with credit.

Which loan is worth choosing?

It doesn't matter if you have to pay 45 thousand or 160 thousand forints. In the case of a third grade child, a family will have to pay $ 45,000 at school - In such a case, applying for a credit card, overdraft may be an ideal solution. A credit card is eligible if you repay the entire debt within one month of the date of purchase. In fact, this construction provides an interest-free period of up to 45 days. If the family does not repay the debt within one month, the overdraft will be better off, since its interest rate is 1-2 percentage points better than your credit card. In the other two cases, that is, when talking about a larger amount, a personal solution may be a good solution, although the conditions are not too great for such a small amount. Therefore, it may be worth to spend 200 thousand HUF for a 2 year maturity. (source: As much as 160,000 forints can be claimed at an annual rate of 22.27% per annum, while at the personal loan of 200,000 HUF it can be obtained with a maturity of 2 years at 7.99%. The monthly repayment plan and the total loan cost are more favorable in case of higher loan amount.
We are left with an extra 43 thousand forints, which we can freely spend. If necessary, you can use it to pay off your loan. When choosing a loan, it is worthwhile to check with the banks first.
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