Nursing Breastfeeding: Don't Need to Suffer!

Nursing Breastfeeding: Don't Need to Suffer!

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It just sniffs and sucks, spits it out, and you can't even eat and breathe at the same time. Bitter grief sucks every mother's heart, and in this case, it's not worth looking for a more effective solution.

Nabthab baby

10 tips for good wind nose pads


The nose plug attached to the vacuum cleaner does a good job. This creates a weak vacuum, which removes the nasal passages from the very small baby in an amazing way. Use it as often as the breathing stops, or hear it almost buzzing with your voice: with a regular nose to prevent the development of inflammation and the spread of inflammation the pharynx or the middle, or the lower passageways.

2. Patience and love

You know that the little ones don't like it because of the noise and the procedure, but when we are patient, we always stroke our kids and explain what happens, and we'll be away sooner. Always console, never leave it alone!

3. Let's spray!

If you can, use sprays instead of nasal drops for nasal drops, because they can be more accurately dosed, provide a smoother distribution of the active ingredient, and are easier to use in children. We choose a product that can be used indefinitely in babies, and it should also be an option to regenerate the mucous membrane.

4. Warm and heal

If your nose fees are clear, you are out of the nasal spray, you may want a little infralбmpбzбs too!

5. Ventilation starts!

Do not open the window on a sick child, take it out of the room for a short time, or make it better.

6. Come on!

Higher humidity can relieve coryza and prevent nasal congestion - let's try it!

7. Continuous cleaning

Wash your baby's nasal pads wet with soft, soft cloth and let's use ointmentto prevent skin rancidity.

8. Cici, cici and cici

We often look after our baby, let her suck you in as much as she needs patients. Breastfeeding soothes, helps her to fall back asleep, and puts a lot of fluid on her feet. Because of such a nocturnal night of two or three, there is no need to be afraid of either letting go or being fed. At the beginning of breastfeeding, milk is calorie-poor, watery (thirsty) than what comes out of the breasts during breastfeeding. If, however, the baby starts breastfeeding strokes afterwards or in the middle, it is possible that fьlfбjбs because of the difficulty in swallowing, it is worth watching!

9. Bring in the himmer!

THE lбzmйrйs not to be missed: Nettle often causes a rise in heat and fever, which, as a general rule of flame retardation, must be dehydrated (possibly by physical methods) above 39 ° C. Two for one hit: Flame retardants also relieve pain.

10. Mom, carry me!

Light nights, and the end of this baby and mom trial, reassure everyone of this consciousness. If the little one is still sunny in the sun, a body proximity help you complete your day-to-day routine: wrapping yourself in a baby carrier can help you do your baby's job and keep your business running smoothly. yellowing, thick nasal passages testify to superinfection! Contact your home pediatrician as this may require another type of treatment.These can also be useful:
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