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Mature child in the family

Mature child in the family

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In Zuglu, Budapest, there is a school for disabled and underprivileged children. Not only does the institution provide education, but many of them are home for life, and children who live far away spend only one week in the family.

The school is well-known for its jolly jumble, the walls are decorated with beautiful colored pictures, and the works of children. A huge gym, a private swimming pool, and a state-of-the-art equipment assist in the education. Classrooms have larger-than-normal whiteboards and inscriptions, and teachers write large letters on the whiteboard. Benches can be raised. Some of the children use glasses, others use different optical and electronic devices: large, telescopes, special reading TVs, which allow the books to be printed, colored, and printed. At school, there is the work of pediatric pediatricians and professionally trained ophthalmologists, psychologists, physiotherapists and educational technicians.

Does the agency operate a travel agency service, what does this name mean?

The name covers only part of the actual activity of the specialist service. The task of specialist pediatricians is to provide special assistance to children who are weak and who attend our school. We also deal with educators and young people in higher education. The service will test optical, electronic and learning tools for the weak, poor children and adolescents. Children in the countryside are also visited in our schools - our advice is to help students with lower abilities to learn effectively. We also organize open days for teachers of inclusive schools, invite interested people to visit our schools, get acquainted with our special tools, and guide people with disabilities in education. We are taking part in the training of an educator accredited by an accredited course organizer.
A large proportion of the vulnerable learn in the local elementary school, along with well-off children. Those preparing for school are called a boarding school pre-school (closest to June 18-20), and parents and prospective teachers also take part. Prior to applying, students are informed about opportunities and experiences in the seventh grade, as it takes longer to decide where to study in the light of their circumstances. Our caregivers also visit high school students and provide tips for students, such as how popular computer literacy can be today. We organize a camp for them in the summer, and many of them meet first-hand young people to discuss their common problems.

Who should the parents contact if they realize that their child has a problem with their eyes?

If you have suspected vision or vision loss, you should first consult a pediatric ophthalmologist. You can now access the Lбtбsvizsgбlу Orszбgos Szakйrtoi йs Rehabilitбciуs Bizottsбg йs Gyуgypedagуgiai Szolgбltatу Kцzpontot (Budapest, XIV. Ajtуsi Dьrer line 39) need to visit where the rцgzнtik lбtбssйrьlйs tйnyйt pszicholуgiai, specialist vizsgбlat utбn szakvйlemйnyben, йs tбjйkoztatбst give the fejlesztйs lehetхsйgeirхl йs the fogyatйkosokat nevelх csalбdokat megilletх juttatбsokrуl.

Where can low-income students in high school go to high school?

We recommend you pick them up in the home school that accommodates them. Our specialist development team specializes in the development of children over the age of three. Our physical education development involves the involvement of the family. The little ones and their families are seen abundantly on the family weekend. Each time 8-9 families spend a few days in a pleasant environment. For financial reasons, we can only organize a Family Weekend once a year, with the closest being May 12-14. For prospective first graders, we hold group-based activities. Children learn a lot about what they will need at school, draw a little, develop their skills, exercise, and even enjoy the water in our swimming pool. Our goal is to help children who are weak, underprivileged, to make better use of their remaining eyesight, and to improve their ability to do so. And at the time of conception of the children, we hold the Ellock School.

Could you introduce a little more detail into the program?

It is a multi-year experience that families with children with disabilities need counseling and information. In this year's school, we will organize a free lecture series to help guide psychologists, eyes, and pediatricians in educational and pedagogical requests, and provide information on social benefits and entitlements. Individual problems also arise when discussing.