British experts say Chinese medicine did not help in getting pregnant

British experts say Chinese medicine did not help in getting pregnant

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British practitioners have called attention to married couples who are trying to increase fertility with acupuncture and other Chinese medical techniques that have no certainty.

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In vitro fertilization

Playback The British Productive Clinic (BFS), which compiles fertility clinics, published its books on the basis of information from 14 studies of 2670 patients.
Adam Balen, the company's political director, said: "There is currently no evidence that using acupuncture or Chinese medicine in combination with assisting fertility therapies can produce any beneficial effect. before starting these treatments. "

Chinese medicine does not help with getting pregnant

The British Acupuncture Federation said it was surprised by the results published in the BFS Human Fertility magazine. According to the Association, significant research has shown that acupuncture can help in the fertility of married couples. "A number of women coming to the clinic who have undergone artificial fertility (IVF) or acupuncture often report having convinced themselves that they have had acupuncture," said a member of the union.
According to BFS data, one in seven Western married couples has difficulties with getting pregnant.