Forced forgiveness can be good for your child

Forced forgiveness can be good for your child

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Forgiving a child to apologize before truly repenting what he or she has done may be more than useful, according to a study by University of Michigan researchers.

Forced forgiveness can be good for your childpublished online by the Merrill-Palmer Quarterly kiadбsбban cнmы folyуirat tanulmбny йpp gesture lйnyege szнnlelt bocsбnatkйrйskor - the megbбnбs kifejezйse йs erхfeszнtйs in connection helyreбllнtбsбra - lost, ezйrt children szбmбra this time mйg ellenszenvesebbй vбlhat the bocsбnatkйrх szemйly.Az University munkatбrsai megnйztйk to mikйnt reagбlnak 4-9 йves children kortбrsaik kцzцtt lezajlу hбrom kьlцnbцzх bocsбnatkйrйsi forgatуkцnyvre the spontбn the utasнtбsra tцrtйnх but хszinte and kikйnyszerнtett bocsбnatkйrйsre.Az eredmйnyek by the children ugyanъgy considered the хszinte bocsбnatkйrйsre, fьggetlenьl attуl that spontбn mуdon , or an adult briefing. However, forced forgiveness was not perceived as effective by children, especially by 7-9 year olds.
All children thought that the unfortunate person felt worse after apologizing than before, but the 7- that sacrifices made them feel better after they apologized sincerely, but that they did not receive sincere apologies, Craig Smith"When the child calms down, we help him understand what the other person is feeling and why," the expert explained. He added: "Forgiveness is only one possibility, but there are many others. Research has proven that even educators are worthwhile when they try to do things better."
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