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Breastfeeding: Increase the amount of milk

Breastfeeding: Increase the amount of milk

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Are you sure you have enough milk? How do we know if baby's milk is running out and, if not, how can we increase the amount?

Breastfeeding: Increase the amount of milk

First of all, it is important to understand that the amount of milk depends on the baby being effective and often suckling. Neither the number nor the duration of breastfeeding do not limit it, because it does not help the development of demand supply. Placing your baby on the right breast is very important for efficiency: always be placed close to the mother's body, lying on its side, with its whole body (with the head!) turn to the mother. It receives the largest portion of the nipple. It does not help the production of sufficient milk for the nipple, the pacifier or the bottle, as do other infusions (formula, water, fruit) other than breast milk. They prevent frequent and on-demand breastfeeding, thereby preventing the production of sufficient milk. Here's what you can do to increase your milk volume:

1, Segmentation

You can count on breastfeeding advice and support if you contact La Leche Lig.All should consult a pediatrician if your baby's weight is not growing properly or may be losing weight. Slow or stagnant weight gain can have many things: it can be a disease, but it is also the wrong breastfeeding technique.

2, Frequent breastfeeding

When your baby wants to suckle, don't limit it. Breastfeeding for as long and as long as we can. Let the baby be raised and breastfeeded. Among breastfeeding, it is important for the mother to rest.

3, Two Breastfeeding

This will give you two breast stimuli and give your baby more milk.

4, Correct breastfeeding

If you place the baby well, you will not suffer any pain or discomfort. It is important for your baby to open his mouth wide and get more space out of the bimbo. We can help her by grasping the nipple and touching her face, and when she opens her mouth, we help her get the largest part of the nipple.

5, Breastfeed from a switched site

If you breastfeed twice on each side during breastfeeding, your baby will be more alert. Observing your baby can tell you exactly when to replace it: when swallowing becomes thinner, sucking power diminishes.

6, Se, dummy, dummy

It is best for the baby to fulfill all breastfeeding demands on the mother. The pacifier, the soother, only confuses the baby because it has to suck completely differently from the breast. If you absolutely need to fill it up, you should do it with a small spoon or sucker.

7, There is no need for anything other than breast milk

Collect all kinds of peppery food, water, and fruit! If your baby is on a nutritional diet, you do not want to stop immediately, but gradually reduce the dose as your milk production increases. You also need to watch for urine and nappy diapers to make sure your baby is eating enough. You should also talk to your pediatrician about lowering your baby's diet.

8, Lots of fluids, proper nutrition

Breastfeeding requires more fluid intake, even if you are drinking water or fruit juice during breastfeeding. Proper nutrition of the breastfeeding mother is very important, pay attention to healthy food intake.

9, Relaxation, Relaxation, Relaxation

In the early days this used to seem like the most difficult task, although relaxation is important from the point of view of milk training. It is not the housework that matters, but the mother, the less work, the more relaxation. When the baby is asleep, sleep too. This article was created based on the La Leche League Guide.
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