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Living With Your Child - This Helps Prevent Childhood Hypertension

Living With Your Child - This Helps Prevent Childhood Hypertension

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Children who have regular meals in the family and consume a lot of greenery are thinner than their peers who do not, according to the study in Pediatrics.

It's important to have a family friendly dinner

The results may not be surprising, but so far few studies have looked at the relationship between children's diet and body weight, the former being significantly more complex than sugar and fat intake. In general, we believe that common family meals are good for children, there is little evidence that it can help prevent obesity.At Dr. Mary Yanna School, led by Harokopio University of Athens, a total of 1,138 children, nine and thirteen years of age, were questioned about their routine and physical activity, and they were categorized as such.
Children who consumed a lot of greens and regularly ate family-friendly, cooked food had a lower body mass index (BMI)and also had lower waistlines and body fat for those who ate sandwiches, snacks, or cereal for lunch and dinner, for example. In the rest of the group, there was no such association.
According to the authors, "Regular meals and cooked meals are a way for children to eat a rich Mediterranean with traditional greens, olive oil, wholemeal cereals and fish." The test limits the value to being valid only for a given time. But the researchers say that these habits help fight childhood obesity And since there is no need to give up anything, children also have an easier time keeping it.
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