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Above fifty, birth is at least as safe as at forty

Above fifty, birth is at least as safe as at forty

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Women over the age of 50 are as safe to have a baby as they are for forty years and are not riskier for older children, says a new study.

According to a new Israeli research, fifty or more children are as safe as fifty or more children, says fifty, birth is at least as safe as at forty Researchers at Ben-Gurion University in Negro and the Soroka University Hospital reported on their results at a recent medical conference in Las Vegas. The tanulmбnyhoz vizsgбltбk 50 йven felьli nхk terhessйgi komplikбciуit at the abbуl szempontbуl that the younger anyбkhoz to have kйpest kьlцnbsйg йs nцvekszik to kockбzat.A kutatуk megбllapнtottбk that medical йs technolуgiai fejlхdйsnek kцszцnhetхen - beleйrtve the mestersйges megtermйkenyнtйst йs the petesejtbeьltetйst - the age at which women are still infantile has gradually shifted. "It seems the fifty are the new forty," she declared Ejal SeinerIn the study, 242,771 parents in the Sorghum were examined, including 234,824 in the youngest - 96.7 in the young. For the remainder of the pregnancy, cases of mothers between 40 and 50 and mothers over 50 were taken into account. They also looked at the health status of the newborn, the mortality, and the risk of the baby being born. However, it turned out that women over the age of 50 did not increase their risk compared to those between 40 and 50. But Sejner emphasized that women over the age of 40 should be given special attention.
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