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The government does not want to fix it, just how many days the parent can justify

The government does not want to fix it, just how many days the parent can justify

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It was revealed at the House meeting on Monday that the government does not intend to decree the number of school failures that can be justified by parents.

Doesn't want the government to fix how many days a parent can justify (Fotу: iStock) Bence Rtvvri, the parliamentary secretary of the Ministry of Human Resources, said that if his child had more than three days. com. The secretary of state also emphasized that when the child is first examined by a doctor, he can stop the certificate so there is no need to go back to him. that there is a need to change the current practice whereby the parent can justify three days. Gyorgy Pуta told InfoRady that the Ministry of Human Resources has confirmed to them that there is really no law for parent-certified holidays, and that this could be determined by the school.In most places, parents are actually allowed three days, which according to the president of the association is very low. Gyula Gyorgy Pуta agrees that there are some diseases that can take the child to an unnecessary doctor, so a parent's certificate would be sufficient in these cases. For example, she mentioned diarrhea and diarrhea, which do not always require a medical examination to determine the disease and healing.Related links: