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An Educational Teacher Launched An Open Letter About New School Regulation

An Educational Teacher Launched An Open Letter About New School Regulation

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Due to school-age regulation, there was a real attack on the application. According to the pediatrician who started the open letter, the competence of the professionals is being questioned and parents' rights are being undermined.

According to a new government decree issued at the end of November, a national authority, the Education Office, may allow school-age 6-year-olds to postpone or remain in school. In case of need, the competent and competent committee of the county should be consulted, and the county body should be required for special education. There are 5 days for the commission to give the date and 15 days for the peer review. The new protocol is effective as of January 1, 2020. It seems that not only the parents have been upset by the new regulation, but also the fervor in professional bodies. Anikó Molnárr, a pediatrician, has re-launched the open letter, which has since been signed by more than 13,000 people, according to HVG. "Improve the Professional Standing of Developmental Pedagogical Pedagogics in School Maturity" - This heading is the starting point for online start-up, which can be signed and supported online by entering data. According to the pediatrician, the decision puts the educators, parents and parents in a difficult position. "There is a plight, both humanly and professionally" - summarizes the problem and the consequences of the decision in one sentence."There has been a plight, both human and professional, with regard to the education of school-age children."