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Weaning: Mom will care for her once

Weaning: Mom will care for her once

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The separation is determined by at least two people: the mother and the baby. We can write about these studies, but personal experiences best help us understand the contradictory, yet completely normal, sensations that make the distinction.

Because breastfeeding requires a very intimate relationship, breastfeeding, especially when you have older children, causes confusion in many people.

Slowly two months ago I felt like I didn't want to breastfeed any more.
It was hard to quit. First a I removed daytime nurses. And then just to get to sleep, I put the baby to bed so that you don't have to breastfeed.
Then only the stayed suckling at dawn. I have said so many times that this is not good for me, that it was unnoticed. When I saw she was sucking because she was thirsty, I gave her a drink. Water or lactose-free milk, cocoa.
When the intimacy was lacking, I hugged myself. I don't know who he heard from, but as he says, "I really love you, Mom", I'm melting. Rйszben. A lot of power was released, my time. Somehow, it seems to me that it seems to me to be different. you have already I'm not a 24 ounces mom. And this is not only happiness but also pain. Because you'll never be close to me again. It's getting farther away. Detachment - so fucking shitty. Sнrhatnйkom tmmad him.
In fact, it's been a month since you didn't breastfeed. First of all, I was so proud that, well, how good it was, how well we were, what we were wearing. And my soul is healing a little bit. That it came from my body I fed it with milk the tiny body that made its cells come from it, it gave it strength, immunity, all the good that could be good for it. And now I will never give it like this ... Now I have to mourn this one too. Yesterday I checked to see if there was any milk in my breast. It was astonishing that yes, true, real, sweet breast milk was splashing out so that you hadn't been breastfeeding for some time. There's the word that oh, you could get back, but I know we won't, I don't want to. I was many, almost three years old, day and night, wherever he asked me to keep my modern image, I did not become a slack woman, I did not indulge in it, but enjoyed every moment that breastfeeding, taking care of the little body, support, strengthen.
And yes, I am sending you out into the world now, and after all, when I need it, I have the baby and the rain, I give it the best snack, just because it's so wonderful, came somewhere, who knows how and why, it is very.
Lázárr Marta
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