Free meaning of free play

Free meaning of free play

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Over the past decades, children's free play time has fallen drastically, and experts believe it will have more serious consequences than we think.

Free meaning of free playThe child does not have to be taught the game, the play, because the desire for activity, the need for movement occurs at birth. This propulsion will also lead to age-appropriate games.

Have fun all day?

Children's yoga, rocking, baby boating, playhouses ... I often feel that 21st Century parents are clamoring for children to be engaged, entertained, and taught of course. But do you really need that?

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Do we not fall into the heat when we feel that our children 's toys and activities need to be accurately divided and squeezed between limits? We really need to tell you that since and how long to play, what will become smarter and more creative? Vekerdy ​​Tamбs also, but a Montessori or Waldorf we can often come up with this concept in pedagogy.

What are you up to?

Experts advise us modern parents to simply let our child play free from time to time. Well, it's not as light as it seems at first.

How do I get a kid to play for free?

Free games are one a liberated action that is self-destructive, gaining good and always spontaneous. Let's not be frightened by this expression, there is no point in it! Free play in practice means that when a child is just about to discover something, do not take it out of their hands and start explaining how it works. Let him give himself a chance, let's make sure he can do what he started. Don't give in to other things that we think are smarter and more useful and do not feel the constant pressure to occupy the baby with something. which leaves room for felfedezйsnek, йs the fбra kцtйlre mбszбsnak, ugrбlбsnak the pocsolyбban the szйt-йs цsszeszerelйsnek, pakolбsnak йs bбrmi the хt kцrьlvevх kцrnyezet felfedezйsйnek.A free jбtйkban the jбtйk eszkцzйvй vбlhat: boring szыrх a kitchen, a falevйl or gravel szбmunkra , naughty objects, but in free play they are wonderful props in the child's hands and thoughts. The tools of free play are chosen by the child himself / herself from his / her own environment. Do not take away the opportunity by considering them as dirty, boring, or light-headed. These are the objects the children are their imagination and creativity with the help of the tools to develop the tools according to the game situation. So the bot will be a sword for a moment, and a magic wand for the next.

Let's give it a chance!

Maria Montessori's books often return the idea that the child knows what to do on his own, and we only need to provide him with the right environment to unfold. Let's let our child decide for yourself, because you want to play and give it a chance to take care of it for as long as you like. In our free games, as parents, our most important task is not to interfere. It is our job to take care of the child, to provide him with the right conditions and equipment, and if the child is called, then as a player, we should be part of the play. If there is a problem in the game, the child gets stuck, then we can help him / her solve the problem. Free games teach your child decision-making, improve thinking and problem solving, and relieve tension and anxiety.Let yourself play freely!Related articles on Child Development:
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