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How many active games does the child need?

How many active games does the child need?

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Exercise is the key to a healthy life even at a young age. Children need regular physical activity to thrive well, as active play moves the bones, muscles and brain.

Be more out there, kids can play well there

An active lifestyle is an essential part of a healthy life, both physically and psychologically. It would be best for the kids to move around every day. If children avoid active life at a young age, they can become overweight, which is a growing problem nowadays. Obesity is closely linked to a number of health and mental issues -

What does active players mean?

It's important to keep your kids' bodies in motion, so that only their muscles work. It is the outdoor games, in particular, that ensure this. If you choose a game for them (but it's better for them to choose for themselves), in which both hands and fingers play a role, you will improve your dexterity. A game is really active when the child breathes faster or deeper, sweats, gets hot, his heart beats harder, and his face turns red.

How many active games do you need?

Children over the age of 6 need much more active play time:
- Infants (up to 1 year old): Daily exercise is essential for them. Give the baby toys and simple objects that will motivate him or her to move.
- Tips (1-3 years): We recommend at least 30 minutes of exercise per day for an adult and 60 minutes of exercise daily, most of all outdoors.
- Students (3-5 years): Exercise between organized frames for at least 60 minutes a day, and at least 60 minutes daily, especially outdoors.

Fewer parents

It is generally not recommended to have two years of age, but you should limit it to one to two hours per day before the age of the laptop / computer screen. And remember, children follow a positive pattern from their parents. If you are active, and they are, you should often organize a community family program where movement is the key.These will also be useful:
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