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Idioglossia: the secret language of twins

Idioglossia: the secret language of twins

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One of the most popular myths about twins is that they speak a secret language that no one understands without them. Does this mysterious language really exist?

True idioglossia (autonomous language) is extremely rare: it was only recorded in a few cases that a twin couple had created a completely unique language, and in these cases extreme isolation was present - that is, the brothers could only talk to one another. However, what twin parents might think is idiocy is actually hated. The little ones who learn to speak also imitate one another (as well as their parents, guardians), often by mistake, and this explanation may seem like a unique language. In reality, however, there is only one stage in speech development. At the same time, twin couples can have about 40 words, nicknames, abbreviations, gestures that are used only one by one. How do the twins' speech develop? Does it affect speech development that twins talk to one another? According to experience, yes. The twin brothers (especially the boys) they may be delayed for a few months in speech development to their contemporaries. The reason for this may be that the attention of parents and carers is divided, usually more exhausted, more tired than mothers and dads who only care for one baby. In addition, twin brothers and sisters are almost always together, so we learn to understand the other by "half-words", gestures. It is also possible that twins speak faster, use more shortening or just miss sounds - this can be a kind of rivalry, for example, the parents notice.

Speech development tips for twin parents

As much as it is funny to listen to the twin gossip between the twins, it is worth paying a little attention to the small speech development of the twins to prevent any possible lag.
  • Let's talk more with our kids and make sure we spend enough time alone!
  • Let's try to make it possible for the twins not only to spend time together, but also to meet and play with other children.
  • Let's read a lot to the kids!
  • Encourage the children to express themselves verbally and not allow one of the siblings to take on the role of parent, ie to speak instead of the other.
  • Do not interrupt your children when they speak, just to correct them - wait for them to finish their message and then repeat the words they have spoken correctly.
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