The dog that teaches play (X)

The dog that teaches play (X)

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One of the first things we as moms learn is that little ones are the most important tool for development.

He learns to play, to talk, and to get to know the world by himself. Therefore, look for games that help you to develop your own pace. Fisher Price developed by "Smart Degrees" its concept was to adjust the games to the developmental pace of the children, to develop them longer - and to keep their little ones favorite."First Words Doggy Learning Center" is one of the best examples of this. This cute buddy teaches kids and lets them get to know the world around them with fun songs, sounds, expressions, and exciting games. It is full of interactive interface and gameplay. Great for the little ones, when you push the lever and the cubes of the game fall through the chute, or when you press the dog's nose for instant cheerful music and lights appear. However, its greatest specialty is magic reading, which puts the dog in front of the colored cubes of the game, making words, teaching words, expressions or phrases. Of course, this is only one of the games available. Learning continues with the press of a lighted button that lets kids hear songs and sounds about form, color, and more. As a small woman, you can raise the Intelligent Grade level to the next level so that the Doggie is always up to date.
The first level is discovery. While the smallest ones press the buttons and drop the cubes before reading, they hear sounds, songs, expressions that help to make the first word of worship. The second is the level of punishment. Connected to this, the puppy is helping them develop their little ones, inviting them to find different numbers and shapes, and if successful, praising them. At the third level, the characters begin. This will allow children to learn and use learned words and conceived adventures in a variety of contexts.
Due to the three grades, the puppy can remain an ideal playground from 9 months up to 3 years. And if the default set of 8 dice is low, you can buy another 4 to 4 dice pack. There are few games that babies love as much as moms do. Fisher-Price First Words is a canine learning center for chances - long-term.