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7 surprising things to do during pregnancy and childbirth

7 surprising things to do during pregnancy and childbirth

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The only thing you can say for sure about birth is that it's unbearable. Unexpected things, however, are rarely associated with different physical activity or body fluids.

Birth is the most natural process that can happen to our body, so we should not be embarrassed by external "phenomena". And even before you think that these things can surely happen to you, we reassure you that the exact same thing will happen.Szekler stimulus"I've been through the last phase, I had to push, but I got a little bit pressed on each press," a mother told, adding that her mother-in-law always had her wooed by Rose. According to a nurse at the Medical Center, who said it was almost inevitable to put such pressure on her. "If you get stuck under pressure, you use the right muscles," he added.A distant cork plug"I was lying on the exam table, and when my doctor pulled my hand out, the cork plug remained on it." The cervical plug itself is a thickened cavity in the glands that is found in the glands, which protects against raised rodents from the eyes. When the cervix begins to swell, the cervical plugs fall out of the vagina, but it may also be that the cervical spine does not disappear.Bepisilйs"I was awake after childbirth, and the polish asked me to call the call button if I had to pee. "It's not uncommon for women to lose control of their bladder after the baby is born. The reason is that the pelvic floor muscles flex. The process of procreation and birth is incalculable Magzatvнz"I didn't just run out of amniotic fluid, but it exploded in me." A lot of women keep a turkey on their own so they can take it, "says the nurse.Hбnyбs"After my cesarean section, I was full of drugs. I just drank grape juice. I had my husband, my mother, and my mother, when the light purple sparkle came out of me at once." painkillers disrupt the body. But vomiting can occur even if the birth was very fast. Fluctuations in blood pressure can also induce vomiting.Szellentйs"I can't put it nicely, I was just turning around on the crib when two people helped me."Vйrzйs"In the hallway, I realized that my hoodie was pure blood. I hurried back to my room." During her childhood, her mother was dealing with bleeding. The medical name for lochia scares many, though it comes from a completely natural process. After the newborn is born, the bee begins to regain its power. This process takes weeks and ends with the bee close to its original state. This causes bleeding at the site of the bedding, which is the accumulation of burns, pieces of tissue, wounds.Articles related to Szüles:
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