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So, we Hungarian mother are relaxing

So, we Hungarian mother are relaxing

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Being a woman is a blatant job, it's not a question. Just as we wanted to loosen up after a rough working day, a little chat with the chicks, so we still need something to shut down so we don't lose our minds. But how did we relax?

So, we Hungarian mother are relaxingThis issue was discussed - involving 120 women - and the survey yielded very surprising results.

Alcohol And Online Shopping?

This seems to be almost the most common form of relaxation on the outside; a glass of wine and dream clothes in a virtual basket. Whether or not it will make a purchase is not interesting, as already the purchase itself has liberated many, with a terrific result. Our cupboarding to the west is completely accepted. Almost every episode in the series, movie, social media video shows the mother dropping on a sofa with a glass in her hands after a cooler day. let us out? Of the mothers interviewed, only 15 responded that they wouldn't buy a glass of alcohol on some days. This represents only 12% of the participants.

But then what is the most familiar mode of shutdown in your home, according to mothers?

Although we anticipated that the answers would be unambiguous, we did not believe that there would be a sport / exercise category, which would lead to such a prominence in statistics. Of the 129 people surveyed, 54 chose sport as their most effective recharge form - accounting for 42% of the total. You work out, exercise, dance, run, at home and in the gym, following personal trainings or youtube videos. Personally, I have tried their own way with the home gym. "I wouldn't have thought that a two-year-old mom would be keen on regular exercise, but for me, this is the best way to relax. I feel a lot better afterwards. Not to mention how good it can be to relieve tension with it after a long day. Also, it feels good to do something healthy and to keep my body in good shape. " experiences of instamami.

Do we eat books? Do we cut the series?

In second place, reading (41%) and TV viewing (43%) - most cited episodes - rank as the second favorite activity. I was surprised to find that reading was in such a "well-known" place, because from my own perspective - who at the beginning of the year has unfortunately read the same book - I would not have thought that you were turning the pages so actively. I myself - I confess - am a devoted series fan, and I'm not alone in this. Many have also said that your favorite series and couples / a mug of tea / some fine snack company loosened you best. the kids fall asleep, and I usually enjoy a bit of relaxation in the apartment, when it comes to my husband, we put in a movie or series, and talk to a little woman about what has happened the day before as long as the kids are awake. I call these evenings mini-dates. And when I'm alone, I enjoy reading or watching, these are the activities that fully charge up and off, "says the two beautiful little twins.

The relaxing power of creative energy, or a good hobby above all

Just as Fannin became aware of the need for energy as a creator, so many (34%) became a hobby for my answer. Not one or two of my mothers acquaintances found some new hobby during GYES. For example - cynical, non-cynical - I find peace in the Christian faith, power down and feel that I "put something on the table". But there are also some very crocheting, sewing, drawing-painting, candle-making and even soap-making moms who have a lot of creative activities at their disposal, such as "learning". kreatнvkodбsban the lakбs tuning can leginkбbb feltцltхdni йs to hasonlу aktivitбsokban "the kreatнv energy that leginkбbb feltцlt Let szу sьtйsrхl, fхzйsrхl, kцtйsrхl, varrбsrуl, нrбsrуl, videуzбsrуl or fotуzбsrуl -... the alkotуi tevйkenysйgtхl New Account getting erхre Йletperiуdusonkйnt vбltozik to When I made recipes for a particular cookbook, line by line, I made fabulous pictures of my little one, Mimir, in my sleep, and edited it at night. Transformation ad no I have designed a baby that I myself have made, we have made our own stores, I make decorations, and I also document all of these in my blog (The Life with Mimi).

Ahn mom, so much relaxing

Of course, in addition to the answers mentioned above, there is a good new method of relaxation. Many voted "me time" (foam baths, hairdressers, massages, wellness, etc.), consider plenty to be the best way to go out with friends, and many elixir shopping. Even if not a lot, but a few votes for sleep as the coolest recharge method (and how true!), And voted for gardening, socializing, or growing up.
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