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6 Tips to Be a Better Mother

6 Tips to Be a Better Mother

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We agree that motherhood is the greatest challenge in the world. But how can you do it well? Everyone else has a choice. No wonder you are easily confused.

There is no perfect mother. But you can strive right!

1. Use your common sense!

Get it fast: you don't have to imitate others to be a good mom. Everyone else, children, too, are different, life situations are different. It follows that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. If you hear someone speak the one true truth that you too must follow, you are not going to be right in the first place, he or she is certainly a believer. But what is welcomed in religion does not work in family. In fact, it is almost certain that you will be neglected if you follow me. Because parenting is something that He's doing a nice job. If you follow the advice of others in your own minds, you will almost certainly feel unwell and not be a better mother.
Of course, this does not mean that others do not have the tricks and tips worth listening to. But just think about it, there are ways to solve a daily problem like not sleeping with a child. No wonder that man is easily confused the most important thing is to use a sober filter and accept that sometimes the board of the renowned experts is not for you. Don't try to please everyone - listen to everyone, but decide what you like. If you do not feel bad about it, then this is something for you and you are ready. Even if your mom, your neighbor, or your wives didn't do it that way.

2. Use Power Wisely!

The parents they worry a lot because of the behavior of their children, and stealthily steer them away on the right track. However, a disciplined discipline can completely upset the family's mood. If you feel that you are the family policeman and need to discipline yourself to keep the family functioning, then this is the time to think about it, it may seem illogical, but we encourage you to to control lightly the child and less use of your authority to resolve conflicts. If your child has no one to fight with, the battles will slowly disappear on their own.However, if you take on every conflict and try to resolve it, you will eventually have to deal with each and every one of them. The excitement is this is a fight you can never win. When the three-year-old is straining against you, he will only think of victory and will last to the very end, not bothering with the consequences. praise it many times, and make sure to withdraw your recognition. If you think that iron trouble will protect you from the trouble of the past, you're in for a big hit! According to a British survey, teens whose parents were the toughest are most likely to be in trouble. For they must rest most heavily. Remember, the real power of parents is the secret not authoritybut also love!

3. Don't want to be perfect!

Have you ever heard the phrase "you are too old"? Bruno Bettelheim introduced this concept because he saw how many moms and dads suffer from wanting to give their children the best, and expects self-perfection at every moment.However, the experience is that whoever is great is extremely tall . It is better for you to accept that there are neither saints nor sinners in a family. And there are no perfect parents. Accept that you sometimes get sick because it will make it easier for your children to make mistakes. Naturally, we are human.

4. Find supportive comrades next to you!

Nobody said you always had to solve everything alone in the long haul! It's really smart to make friends with parents who you give opinion and who you can support in difficult situations. Don't be afraid to ask for advice if you need it! There are so many different hot springs! Read books, go to class, ask a specialist - do whatever you may need, as being recognized, being a parent is often fatigued and frustrating. Yes, there are rough, fat and anxious days. In this case, you can help the most with a friend who has a little bigger kids. Because he still remembers how difficult this time was, but he can also tell you that anything has brought you out of the wind. Yes, once in a while the sapling will ruin the nights, it will end the racking season and go to bed without letting it go. evolutionary process. Where not only the child but the parents also change a lot. Understand these years as an opportunity to get to know and overcome your limitations. You can be more patient, more accepting, understanding, a better person - just by the kid.

5. Be optimistic!

Sometimes difficult, but it helps a lot if you manage to laugh at the hardest moments. Once you laugh, you will find it easier to bear them. Yes, it's difficult when kids are sick, anxious, and hysterical, but if you look at them, those moments also have their own morbid humor, which, if you can laugh, is over or during the hardest moments. Don't forget - most enjoyable thing. Despite being the hardest. After all, kids are capable of captivating with a little smile, caress or hugging at the worst moments. It's a good idea to write down every day what your best moment of the day is, not to waste a lot of time. Keep in mind that the older ones say the little ones are the most beautiful. And if they do, they will miss me.

6. Adopt the child!

Learn to love him and yourself and not the person you want to see. This good advice is not only useful for lovers but also for parents. After all, we are in the mood of being a fireman or a soldier all over the place. Ballerina or doctor. Other days, our dreams are bolder. What if there were fewer brawls? Or hysterics? Maybe fierce… Believe me, it's not worth your time! Turn your energy more into that you accept it as it is. Sometimes aggressive, inattentive, and unkind in the sport. Perhaps you are nervous about these qualities because you are like this and have you changed their mind to be different? Maybe it's hard to accept because it's so different from you. Whatever the reason - you have to change, not him. You have to accept it as it is. Don't try to coax the actor into acting out his silly function. Tell her if you want to go to the library, and don't push her to the soccer field. Instead, focus on what a unique, wonderful creature you are. How can you help you achieve your goals? After all, this helping and creative thinking is the greatest part of motherhood that always takes you on new paths. No?
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