Motherhood or career?

Motherhood or career?

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World hard dictates the pace. Continuous drive, presence, updating. There are a number of requirements that cannot be met by a small child.

Careers, of course, also depend on motherhood, but it is a fact that you need to have a lucky star. A great man who understands that work from home is just as valuable as office work; own, self-proclaimed business; a custom timed company. Currently, it is less frequent in Hungary. For the most part, career development is equivalent to a day's work of twelve hours, a short evening meeting, and an all-day online presence. Few bosses tolerate being a whore parenting sometimes and lasting for weeks, or if the child is ill, not to mention the six-week kindergarten. And even male colleagues are marching up the ranks, while mothers with small children stop or move down. Many people change.

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I have time to drive it

Often, however, the easy solution is to start a new career or start a new career. Where there are cancellations and limitations, but there may be a new world out there that could only be changed before. Múnika Meláth entered the job market in the mid-nineties. He took an incredible start, spending several years at Tazarron, the then IFOR base, as an assistant to American leaders. During this time, he learned everything the multitaskers dictated. Six days a week work from morning to night, all in English. Later, when he sought a job, international companies caught on. He was one of the biggest names in advice.
- Everything was right for the big career: foreign travel, exciting projects, the only thing that didn't matter was the kid. But for a while I was not interested, I marched forward with my other young colleague and wanted to eat the world for a wall. My husband worked multitasking, appreciated the pace of work, the drive, and was only worried about why I travel so much. Because it was such a week that I got up in the morning for the morning express, got down in Vienna, went to the company, worked until night, then went to the hotel, slept, woke up in the morning, and went home at night.
In hindsight, I say it's a miracle that I got pregnant quickly due to the conditions. Of course I didn't dare to tell anyone, only in the second tertiary I admitted that I was expecting a baby and I must say that I received the news well. Naturally, I decided to work until the very last moment. I went back after one year, but only a few projects and then got pregnant again. When the smaller kid was big enough to get back to work, I sat down with my boss to talk about the rest.
I was shocked to find that a male with three children could not imagine working in a flexible schedule to get home in time and not to do foreign work. Then I was born with the decision: I don't need a career at all.
I left my salary, my opportunity, my name, but I felt unable to sacrifice my family life for my professional career. Because of my need for knowledge, I soon found a position where, according to my own ideas, I was able to shape the work I was doing. I gave up many things: the envy of my salvation, the work of the world, the ambition of the finnish. What did I get for the exchange? Evening tales, social programs with the family, tagging in the parents' office. Some of my male colleagues have a bit of a mouth, is it worth it to you? Without a word of fire, I can say that it really is worth it. I will have time to get to work when the kids are big and I don't have that burning need.

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You are proving in a new area

Some people are slow to change. Berta Anikou Over the years, he has explored the boundaries of his new life, carefully weighing both positive and negative returns.
- I was hired by a manager because of my child, naturally it is not a day that one makes a decision. I loved my job, my colleagues and my bosses liked it, and it was a common decision that as soon as they were ready for birth, they would come back to work. After two years, I thought it was time for me to continue my late career. But the supportive mood, the will, the ambition, and the ability to continue where I left off were in vain.
My first issues, my conflicts, came from my situation. Incompatibility of the wandering child and the leadership. That I couldn't tell my daughter in the morning that she was coming out to her chick, how long I would be in the office, and when I would bring her five more, like the other kid to their mom. I was slow to change. I spent a long time working out my new life, knowing that I had to work hard for it first, put in a lot of energy, and then get the results out there sooner.

Anyasбg? Career?

Anikou completed a coaching course with the principal and the child, and trained himself as a mediator to create a new, personalized coaching position where he could help others with leadership tips. He feels that not only was his life a wish, but it is a general problem. Everyone is affected, but there is effective support in the form of a coach.
I reckon it took me three years to get up in my head and start my new job. I made a conscious effort not to fall from bucket to straw and have to face the daily fire of twelve urns. It was like the first summer of my life when I was able to relax properly, be with my child, enjoy the holidays. Of course, this was the price in forints. Much less comes to the kitchen, I don't have the car, sometimes I have to spare my supplies. But I was given such freedom, with so much new energy, that it was worth the sacrifice. And let's just say, after two hard years, I have a car.

What is the success of women?

Career change requests are made by dr. Péter Popper Crucifixion of Success in a Nonfiction Study. Psychologists call attention to the issue of women and men. A man is basically characterized by honor, success, power, and if he does not get it in some form (so that he will become the family handyman of the family), then he will only stumble across the things of the rational world.
This is not the case with women, plus men have the added benefit of being able to have a baby. You just don't even have to give birth, but being able to give life to another person is very important to them, and that is where the emphasis shifts. That is, women's success and men's success. It is worth observing that when a person is deprived of his or her success, he or she usually takes on masculine qualities, and men are feminized.

Women pay a higher price

Great Baba Career Women in a Mudra study examines how much to pay for a career that is very difficult for men and women to compare! The most frequently mentioned sacrifice is the Balanced Family History. A man's career is the result of working with more than one person. The most important obstacle to women's careers is the multiple burden on women's responsibilities, which goes beyond earning to being a mother, and at the same time almost completely "natural".
Reconciling family life and career causes women to have a much greater burden of stress than men. Households are exceptionally high among men, while women are conspicuously high. Choice is not necessarily a consequence of a career, but very often a prerequisite for it. Divorced women generally do not intentionally marry again, but live in new, more egalitarian relationships.
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