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Vaccination against lyssa, rabies

Vaccination against lyssa, rabies

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Rabies is a type of special type of encephalitis. He is morbidly a rabid virus. In all cases, disease is fatal to humans and animals.

Vaccination against lyssa, rabies

Why is there a need for vaccination against rabies?

The sick animal does not eat or drink due to disturbed nervous function which requires swallowing. The species-specific behavior varies from patient to animal. The virus is injected with the arrow in the last 4-5 days of the patient's life. Bite, respectively. when the skin or mucous membrane of the mucous membrane becomes contaminated, it passes into the human body and passes through the nerve fibers to the brain. Range speed approx. 2mm / уra. The latency can range from a few days to a few weeks; it depends on which bite the bite took.
In Hungary, mainly cat, unvaccinated dog, cat spreads rabies, but it can also spread human rabies from well-known cattle and wild birds. In our country, dogs are vaccinated against rabies, and they are immunized with oral vaccine, which has been mixed with the diets exposed in forests and fields.
Because rabies is always fatal, the bite of a rabid or suspected animal is bitten (or contaminated by a spit). it is absolutely necessary to vaccinate the injured person. This also applies to children. It is the responsibility of the physician to establish the vaccine indication and to administer the vaccine series.

What do you need to know about vaccine?

In Hungary, a vaccine containing the inactivated virus (sheep's brain) (sheep's vaccine) has been used in the past, but has been withdrawn from the market due to its many side effects. Instead, approx. 10 years old cultivated in tissue culture, We use a vaccine that contains the first virus.

What are the contraindications, possible side effects?

There is no contraindication to vaccination. If the vaccine has been prescribed by a qualified physician, the 7 vaccine series should be performed. Side effects may include minor local reactions, swollen lymph nodes, fever.
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