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One in three people is iron deficient

One in three people is iron deficient

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Iron deficiency and the following ailment are ailment that affects every third person.

One in three people is iron deficient (fotу: iStock)One third of the world's population, according to WHO, more than a billion people have iron deficiency, which, if sustained, can lead to iron deficiency ), but a quarter of the school population and the elderly, and 30 percent of women, are also poor. Iron is less common in men than in men, but it is also 12.7 percent more likely to occur in the human body.
  • in DNA synthesis,
  • in brain development,
  • in our cellular energy production processes,
  • our immune system is working,
  • our heart and water muscles supply oxygen
  • It is also an essential component of blood hemoglobin, which delivers oxygen to cells.
  • deterioration of the general health,
  • we get sick more easily,
  • in severe cases, iron deficiency anemia develops.

Symptoms of iron

If our body does not get enough iron, it first uses the iron stores, when these reserves are exhausted, then the symptoms of iron deficiency appear:
  • fбradtsбg
  • kimerьltsйg
  • ingerlйkenysйg
  • fejfбjбs
  • sбpadtsбg
  • hajhullбs
  • concentration disturbance
  • kцrцmelvбltozбsok
  • kimerьltsйg
  • solving unusual things.
Our body is not capable of producing iron, so we have to provide it from external sources. However, dietary iron intake is not always able to cover the body's needs. Few greens can be absorbed, but by consuming flesh, especially insides, we can deliver more iron. White flesh (poultry, fish) contains more iron in red meat and offal (eg liver). Existing iron deficiencies can hardly be eliminated through nutrition.
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