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Pregnancy Problems During Pregnancy - Possible Causes

Pregnancy Problems During Pregnancy - Possible Causes

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Getting pregnant is a very complex and complex process, and no wonder there are many problems in the body. In fact, if the fertilization of the egg has stopped, you will still notice the growth of the egg, which may be easily impaired by your different condition.

Pregnancy Problems During Pregnancy - Possible Causes

Dr. Ildikou Lхrincz, the Gynecological Endocrinologist of the Center for Nursing, listed the most common such disorders.

Low progesterone levels

Concentration of the corpus luteum is often caused by low corpus luteum or low progesterone levels. This hormone helps the pituitary gland to be able to receive the fertilized, dividing egg. Progesterone levels begin to increase after follicular rupture, peak in the mid-luteal phase, and then decrease if not fertilized, but continue to increase in the case of pregnancy. daily measures the quantity from which it can be inferred that normal ovulation has occurred or that there is a deficiency. If it is too low, it can be increased by hormone levels, or, in mild cases, by herbal remedies, and further tests are needed to determine what may have reduced the amount.


In the PCOS line, ovariectomized cysts are formed. It is often associated with high testosterone levels and insulin resistance. If normal ovariectomy and the mature egg become fertile in March, the next obstacle is that you will not be able to jump. It is good to know that in most cases the condition is accompanied by progesterone deficiency.

Early climax

Early menopause can blind even members of the 30-35 age group. Initially, this results in a "decrease" in progesterone levels, followed by a decrease in estrogen levels. Blood disorders are the main cause of the problem, so it is worth considering menopause as well as checking the FSH value, which may alert you to ovarian fatigue. Ildikó Lхrincz, a nocturnal endocrinologist at the Center for Bloodsmiths.

Thyroid dysfunction

Thyroid dysfunction is a very insidious disease, since it is not a symptom that calls attention to it, only when you want to start a family. Because illness often causes infertility and miscarriage - many are confronted with their condition. In the case of thyroid dysfunction, the normal ovulation itself does not go away, but if it does, the fertilized egg is incapable of healing, since in most cases the problem results in progesterone deficiency. Fortunately, however, the levels of progesterone usually return to normal with the lack of thyroid hormones.
- Insulin resistance: this may also make it more difficult for you to become pregnant
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