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Does Home DIY White Pregnancy Test Really Work?

Does Home DIY White Pregnancy Test Really Work?

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The white used for clothes is really quick, but it is probably not as reliable as using a real pregnancy test.

Does Home DIY White Pregnancy Test Really Work?It is not known exactly when white became popular as an alternative pregnancy test, but it is a fact that many women have overlooked it. Just type in "google white pregnancy test" and you'll find a couple articles in the google search first.Most of the time for a "test" is to have a little glass of urine. If the urine begins to foam like a glass of beer, we are pregnant with great currency. However, if nothing happens, or if the liquid is bubbling a little, we can't prepare for a baby party for a while.

How does it work?

Those who believe in the whiteness test say that HCG pregnancy hormones react with the chemicals found in whites, and that it also eliminates the foaming effect. Dr. Gillian Dean, the director of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, says there is no scientific data that can prove the safety and effectiveness of any DIY pregnancy test. "The only thing that matters gives a definite result, the traditional pregnancy test in a drug or pharmacy"he says." If they are used properly, they will produce extremely accurate results. "

White = Month

The biggest problem with white testing is that it comes from a highly toxic substance, which can be very dangerous for a baby.
Dr. Jenny Abrams an American doctor said in a statement: "If a woman wants to become pregnant or is already in early pregnancy, she all harmful and potentially toxic substances are avoided I would recommend it to you. This includes the use of whites. "The inaccuracy of the test carries with it further problems." If a woman uses only this type of home-made test, she may know later that she is pregnant, "Dr. Abrams warns. This will help you to make decisions such as abortion and start your pregnancy sooner. Because traditional, reliable, and accurate results are now available across the globe, I suggest that ladies use this instead of the double-click home version. "( articles in the pregnancy test topic:
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