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Ovarian insufficiency is not equal to menopause

Ovarian insufficiency is not equal to menopause

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Ovarian insufficiency is often found in the background of infertility and is increasing in women today. Many people think it is synonymous with menopause, but it is not really about the same condition.

Ovarian insufficiency is not equivalent to menopauseDr. Gabor Borny, Head of the Center for Nursing, talked about the causes of ovarian exhaustion, treatment, and the probability of pregnancy.

What Does Ovarian Failure Mean?

Ovarian insufficiency is a condition in which the ovaries do not produce sufficient estrogen, or function properly, before the age of 40. As a result, good quality oocytes are not produced, nor does normal follicularization and cracking occur, so that menstruation is delayed and irregular. The deficiency of female non-hormones may lead to the development of conditions such as premature aging, infertility, osteoporosis. may be due to ovarian failure.

Signs of ovarian failure

  • Menstrual disorders, anovulatory cycles
  • Meddхsйg
  • Hхhullбmok
  • Night sweats
  • Hangulatingadozбsok

Not equal to early menopause

Although due to estrogen deficiency, the symptoms are basically the same as (early) menopause, but there are two very similar conditions. The major difference between the two is that ovaries can have normal cycles in case of failure, so there is little chance of pregnancy, but it can also lead to pregnancy. If you wish to have a child, this is most likely to happen with IVF (flasks), which is the cause of a significant hormone deficiency. (Although some studies suggest DHEA treatment increases the chance of spontaneous conception)

How to handle it? Visszafordнthatу?

The first step is to make sure that you have ovarian insufficiency. Lab tests for estrogen, progesterone, LH, FSH (the latter amount is very high at this time) and chromosome testing are necessary. In addition, it should be researched for other hormonal disorders, as well as for general women's and US examinations, says dr. Seven Minutes, the center of the Feminine Cure.If you find out the condition, so reducing the symptoms and avoiding the effects of vitamin C, it is worthwhile to treat as well. There is no reversible bar, but it can be somewhat improved in hormone production.
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