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Endometriosis - Only Women Know How They Can Pain

Endometriosis - Only Women Know How They Can Pain

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Groups of cells that are detached from the mucous membrane of the mucous membrane are brought to life by attachment to the outside. Mysterious, scary and very painful: this is endometriosis. You have to get rid of it! Zsuzsi succeeded.

A strong hashtag can also be a sign

"Saved from the Tower" - reported monthly to some of my classmates. I didn't understand why you can't do gymnastics "then". Then I just found out. There was so much pain in my body that could increase to a nausea on a beautiful day, going to school, that I had to go back, and I wasn't sure if I'd come home. But nothing happened, it just "came." When Kiss Zsuzsi she starts telling her story, now I can imagine what she could have gone through.- I was twenty when with a faint-hearted castor I went to the doctor. They tested me and finally my doctor found out I was pregnant. I also got a book and a good tip: get it out. It will be better. Soon afterwards, he had lost the sick in another town, and the blindfold was removed in the town hall, but I had to change it until now that I had a problem with women. Fortunately, I was pretty violent in believing that I had finally seen a lady who found out that I had chocolate cystism. I'm not pregnant…

Chocolate that no one is afraid of

Chocolate cyst is a distinctive form of endometriosis: the cells of the pleural effusion settle on the surface of the ovaries and continue to cycle. Just as healthy endometrial (mucous membrane) thickens during the female cycle and then decomposes in the hemorrhoids, these narrow cells also swell and bleed, causing severe pain. endometriуzis it can develop not only in the ovaries, but in almost any area of ​​the body. Szцkevйny endometrial szцvetdarabkбk they may adhere to the abdomen, intestines, fallopian tubes, lining of the stomach, and even the lungs, causing pain at many menstrual periods, often causing inflammation. Unfortunately, Zsuzsi was not lucky.

A painful sequel

Zsuzsi, now liberated from her blindfold, had to work again: one of her ovaries had to be truncated. But at least it got better. Somewhat. In the early days of menstruation, her belly was still very painful, but it was so from childhood. He thought it should be like that. It was closest to the doctor that he was unable to get pregnant. On the suggestion of his new doctor, he started to go to the infertility center, where he was given hormonal support after the examination, but this was unsuccessful. Later it turned out that the chocolate cyst had re-formed on the same ovary. Another surgery, but the ovary itself could not be "repaired", but the oviducts were removed. No wonder his condition has not improved."Sometimes it is so painful and so painful that it made me to lie down." I slept or slept alive. I received the analgesic for several infusions, but it didn't work. Then I blew it half a year, with milder, stronger, recurring pain. But I said to myself, I'll never go to the doctor again unless they're taken. Because of the extraordinary operations, I didn't have much confidence.Then I went, luckily I got into the hands of doctors who found a solution. It turned out that they all affected my ovary and even penetrated my stomach endometriуzist were also found. The Uzzsoki Street Hospital also called me for a specialist because it turned out that due to my childhood nature, there was a laceration on the abdominal organs, which is why anyone can not function properly. There was a serious, mournful operation, where everything was in place. You understand that! I got rid of this problem for a decade! Breastfeeding wasn't easy, but I got a lot of help from everyone in the hospital. They ended the very hard period, and I completely changed my life. I know what's important and what's not. I can thank not only my good arm but also my patience for this team. Which I was not excited about.

He's very clinging

Endometriosis surgery is often not simple, he says Dr. Jex Anna, A physician of Zsuzsa. - The tissue pieces are very difficult to peel off. In the case of Zsuzsa, the problem was exacerbated by the fact that the anatomical situation was complicated from the very beginning because of her childhood operations, and only a specialist had to admit to it. Penetrating into the wall endometriуzis (adenomyosis), the abdominal wall had to be reconstructed. And complicated surgery makes it harder to recover. I feel that Zsuzsi's condition has improved so much, he has freed himself from his pain. In any case, it looks like you can end a very difficult decade!

Suspect and seek medical attention!

Perhaps Zsuzsi should not have been so much pained and helpless if she realized what her body was about. The endometriуzis its main symptoms are: menstruation is regularly accompanied by severe lower abdominal pain, more abundant bleeding than usual. Typical are fatigue, constipation, or even diarrhea. Sex can be painful and baby may fall. In some cases, your doctor may also confirm a vaginal examination in the diagnosis of endometriosis, but you can expect a definitive answer from laparoscopy. During this examination, the doctor looks into the abdomen with a small open piece on the abdominal wall. The tool is also capable of eliminating small tissue pieces that have been discovered. But there is no need for surgery in all cases. It can often be controlled with proper drug treatment endometriуzis.Zsuzsi's latest, and, hopefully, last butt has been two months. Yeah, well, and gladly, she's going to be an aunt soon. You can practice babysitting, without being upset, without pain.Related Articles:
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