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Significantly extra for your child!

Significantly extra for your child!

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Returning mothers as of January 2016, children will be eligible for childhood extradition at the age of 6 months, according to the Government's Wednesday decision, the Ministry of Human Resources has announced.

Even after the baby reaches the age of half, your baby will be extra

Katalin Novák said she had had the opportunity to do so after the age of one, but she would continue to care for the child by the year. between labor income; we could not get the two together.

He also called attention to the fact that the GYED extra comes after every child under the age of two. This means that a woman who has two children under the age of two and returns to work, even on a part-time basis, receives two maternity wages in addition to her salary.
At the event, the Secretary of State emphasized that a country, a nation, can only be successful in the long run if it strengthens the family, and makes it possible for them to prosper. He also said that a government can be effective if it does not break down the family into its components, unless it looks at children, women, the elderly, job seekers or the workforce.
The conference cнmйre - civilians in csalбdokйrt - referring to Catherine Novбk arrуl beszйlt the kormбny cйlja the csalбdok jуlйtйnek nцvelйse, vбllalу role in this and thinks megkerьlhetetlen partners csalбdbarбt kцzgondolkodбs elterjesztйsйben NGOs kцztьk the rendezvйny hбzigazdбja the Hбrom Kirбlyfi, Hбrom Kirбlylбny Movement.
He pointed out that more and more employers are recognizing that they can be really successful if they reinforce the family-friendly attitude of the firm by supporting their colleagues to "be brave about family backgrounds." He added that as Europe works in more and more countries in Hungary, working with child-rearing is becoming more widespread, and women are more and more likely to have a job when they find it.
Where childbirth and work are mutually reinforcing and not mutually exclusive factors, there are many more children born - said Katalin Novák, adding that Hungary cannot afford the luxury of not benefiting from it. characterize Hungarian women.
The Secretary of State gave family-friendly workplace awards at International Family Day at the Three Kingdoms Movement. The dнjazottak kцzцtt was near mбsok Ъjbuda, Vбc, Szentendre, Dйvavбnya, Kйtъjfalu цnkormбnyzata, tovбbbб the Pest County Rendхr-fхkapitбnysбg, Budapest йs the vбci fegyhбz йs bцrtцn, the University of Debrecen, Eger Eszterhбzy Kбroly Fхiskola, Budapest Uzsoki Kуrhбz, Oroshzzi Kuhrzhz, the Central Bureau of Statistics and the Heves County Government Office. In the Corporate category, IT Services Hungary Kft., MVM Paksi Atomerхmы Zrt., Magyar Telekom Tvvkцzlési Nyrt., The Magyar Nemzeti Bank, Morgan Stanley Hungary Elemzх Kft. And DM Kft.
On March 26, Catherine Novák launched the "Family Friendly Job" application, saying that the goal is to make family and work easier for pregnant women.
Companies with a budget of 50 million HUF may have submitted applications to companies or budgets, public administrations or governments, which have thought that they have planned or planned a program for at least one year.
The program also organized an academic conference - supported by the birth of the planned children - supported by Charlemagne, Charlemagne Foundation. The movement was brought to life in 2009 by Mária Kopp, a doctor, with the aim of giving birth to as many children as family-planning young people are planning; to this end, the NGO has already made a number of concrete proposals to governments, including many in governmental family policy.
According to estimates, young couples want two to three children, but on average only 1.3 children are born out of relationships.
In 2013, the movement urged all factions of the House to issue a joint statement in which politicians commit, and will support any family policy measures that may result in an increase in the number of births.