4 signs that may indicate lactic sensitivity in your child

4 signs that may indicate lactic sensitivity in your child

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Nearly half of the population is affected by lactose intolerance. Genetic origin of lactic acidity occurs early in life, is diagnosed in neonatal age, and the primary variant develops with age. What are the symptoms that may indicate the problem?

What are the Symptoms of Lactose Proliferation?

First of all, the difference between milk allergy and lactose sensitivity (lactose sensitivity) needs to be clarified, many people mix the two. Milk allergy is the body's allergic immune reaction to milk whites, and lactose sensitivity is an indigestion that occurs due to an inadequate amount of lactase enzyme. (. The laktбz enzyme breaks down tejtermйkekben talбlhatу lactose, laktуzt the vйkonybйlben) The latуzйrzйkenysйg йs shows the milk allergy бtfedйst the kцvetkezх tьnetekben: haspuffadбs, bйlgбzossбg abdominal fбjdalom, bйlhangok.A lactose йrzйkenysйg a kevйsbй veszйlyes problйma the tejfehйrje-allergiбhoz kйpest. The former is not one of the diseases that are followed by raised family pills. In our article comparing lactose intolerance and milk allergy you can read more about the different aspects.

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Lactose intolerance is a problem in the European population in the range of 14-40 percent. Genetic variants are recognized in the early stages of the disease. In this case, the body does not generally produce an enzyme called lactase, which breaks down lactose (lactose) in the small intestine. In the absence of lactase, lactose is digested in the colon, where it is decomposed by fatty acids and hydrogenation. This decline will become greater by adulthood, and many people will develop the primary sensitivity to lactose. There is also variant 3, secondary lactose intolerance, which occurs after antibiotic treatment, inflammatory bowel diseases, intestinal infections, bacterial or viral diarrhea. With healing, this problem is also gone. Let's look at the symptoms that characterize lactic sensitivity:

1. Hashbay

Tummy pain is one of the most common signs when a baby is suspected. Pain in the lower abdomen around the sender may be voiced by voices, voices.

2. Puffadbs

The abdominal bloating is responsible for the hydrogen gas, which is formed by the intact lactose incorporated into the colon.

3. Diarrhea

Loose stools can be an intimate signal, especially if they have a sour, foamy, watery appearance.

4. Sleep

This symptom is more likely to occur in older children, adolescents, after consuming lactose-containing dairy products. Diagnosis can be made by a variety of methods including a hydrogeological test, a lap test, a biopsy sample, an isotope test, and a genetic lactose intolerance test. Small babies and young children are often subjected to a littermate test, in which case acidity is measured.The following articles also relate to lactose intolerance: