How to Win the Rock-Paper-Games with a Good Chance

How to Win the Rock-Paper-Games with a Good Chance

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Rock Paper is one of the best, simplest, tool-free, playable games anywhere. What do people choose between the 3 elements? How to win the players?

Kh, papr, ollou!

There are many people who develop a special strategy for stone-paper games to make sure they win. However, it turned out that most players do not stick to a specific plan, but simply it makes irrational decisions: the most common example he chooses the same thingwhich was once a winner. Each item in the game has the same status, so it would be logical to use all of them in the same proportion: according to experts, all other methods are irrational. However, practice shows that the overwhelming strategy of failure is, in all likelihood, based on an irrational decision. In addition, the stats are eloquent: the winner first chooses the paper because most people vote for the stone. Most people play stone paper so that when they win, they keep the next turn. After that, if you lose, you will only change the template, the winning element can repeat so many times. Interestingly, although the elements would have to be repeated at a very similar frequency, the stone is the main favorite"Stone-paper games are important because they can compare the rationale for human judgment with practice. What's worrying about it is that after a loss, people are more likely to say irrationally." Dr. Ben Dyson, Professor of psychology at the University of Sussex. The research was published in Scientific Reports.Related materials:
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