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Lose weight with Adrian!

Lose weight with Adrian!

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The visible mother of two children was engaged in helping us show her how to regain her childhood shape. If so, his diary will give you strength and give you many good tips.

Steklovits Adrienne (29) mırnцk
His children: Mab (3 and a half years), Mab (1)
Fйrje: Steklovits Balbzs (29) is writing
Weight now: 68 kilo
The weight: 54 kilo
Do you think Adrienne was 96 kilos when her second son was born? About thirty kilos of liberation had taken place in the childbirth, eating less, paying attention to the adjustment of his diet. It has only 14 kilos in excess, which for a while does not move. That's when he turned to us for help, and since we're just planning a series of articles in which we'll show you with lots of useful tips that, yes, you can lose weight after childbirth, so we thought this is our man.
He wore XS clothes
Adrienne was one of the lucky ones who eats any amount of barrels to keep their weight down. At its height it was 90-57-90, and its weight ranged between 50 and 52 kilos, which is extremely light at 172 centimeters in height. All this involved a sporty physique and lean muscle. Nobody gets it for free, but they've always been a fan of exercise. Outside, he used to ride a bicycle as a means of transportation, which also meant 20 to 30 kilometers per day. In addition, he competitively athleticized and handballed, ran regularly, and if he had some energy left over, he also visited the gym.
The kids and the kicks came
At the beginning of his troubles, he had woken him up in high school. The doctor recommended a pill for your acne-prone skin, but the sprinkles you picked up were still good. But he still got rid of the ultra-trendy zero-calorie diet. At that time, he had no idea that acne had a real hormone problem in the background of acne. Hormone treatment was regular and the last series was 71 kilos. It was at this time that Mátti conceived. By the time she was born, she was 91 kilos. She was trying to lose weight, but she kept her weight on top only when she was expecting a baby again. This time he reached 96 kilos until he was born.
He feels that it is impossible to lose weight, as he is thirty kilos less. He disappeared indefinitely. With your beautiful kids, you now want to get back the original weight or something very close to it.
What did the Pregnant Woman help?
Adrienne is determined, we are up for action. We know from practice that there is a need for a focused, well-designed workout plan and dietary advice for all to lose weight.
This time we got it all at Lite Wellness (here you can post it too). For now, we are over assessing Adrienne's state of health. She was examined by a occupational therapist and sent to some medical examinations
Manual therapy for safe movement
It may not have changed, but it can also happen that there have been minor changes in your body during pregnancy and birth. Therefore, before you start exercising again, you should do the right thing with the help of a professional to assess your state of health and fitness. It is important that your fitness or fitness professional thoroughly question your fitness level, your health status. You will be able to strengthen your body in the safest way possible. You should pay special attention to the proper workout of the moving organ system when restarting postpartum training.
This requires a thorough examination of the pelvis, vertebrae, and bones. During the months of expectation, the position of the pelvis changes, allowing the vertebrae to move out of their normal position. Therefore, it is important to evaluate the condition of the manual therapy and to manage the changes detected during the examination. There is no need to be frightened, for most of the time you need proper movement.
The basis of manual therapy is traditional medicine. In the therapist's tactile sense, the correct relation points are added.
If necessary, try to restore correct positioning of the spine and limb with the help of specially designed special teeth.
By passing the exam, the therapist will provide you with tips that will help you complete your exercise exercises safely.
Traces of birth on the body
Our baby's exam was performed by Krisztina Keszi, a physiotherapist and occupational therapist. The experiences are summarized below:
- During the survey of the state I found a significant difference in the static conditions of the stock. Adrienne's torso is repositioned, waist is more pronounced, physiological curves of the back, and I found a great difference in the transition between the neck and the back. These static differences are probably the result of neglected posture and later overwork. Breastfeeding and increased back pain in breast also correlate with breastfeeding, breast enlargement, and breastfeeding. During the static examination, I observed the twisted position of the pelvis and the sagging of the vaults. After birth, we almost always find a basin dysfunction because of its static changes during birth. Failure to return the pelvis to physiological conditions will lead to severe waist, back, and neck problems. Adrienn's muscles were evenly balanced.
It is important to strengthen weak muscles during exercise and to regularly tighten. I talk to my coach about my experience and he got a manual therapy in March, which immediately made him feel lighter. Adrienne stated that she felt herself several centimeters taller.