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With more serious sports, it is better to wait until the age of 7

With more serious sports, it is better to wait until the age of 7

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According to the researchers, parents who "force" a child into competitive sports earlier than this are more valuable to them than they are to use.

With more serious sports, it is better to wait until the age of 7Many parents live in the belief that they will do their best for their childhood if they start playing serious sports as soon as possible, because they move, learn to work in a team, maybe even in the fresh air, etc. Therefore, it is very common to see grown-ups spend Saturday on the football field and parents are happy, because the little ones have every chance (to think) of having a run in athletics.

10 years old to stop

But the truth is that this is not necessarily the case, in fact. A new study from Victoria University found that it was better to wait for alpine sports to reduce the likelihood of a kid going out of Egypt.
The study looked at 14,000 children and found that 60% of children who started playing sports at the age of 4-5 years ended their sport in track and field.

Simply get tired

"Beginning at an early age, athleticism is likely to be largely influenced by pushy parents who think that having an early start will benefit their kids in the sport, or those sports clubs that want more kids," he said. Rochelle Let's go from Victoria University to the Herald Sun in Austria. "These 4-5-year-olds join 7-9-year-olds who are special coaches to join a club later," says Dr. Eime. "However, we forget that they have to participate in this for over 4 years, so there is a high risk that they will run into that sport and drop out or (in the worst case scenario) have the longest possible time." for the start of serious, organized sports, ages 7-9 - because only 30% of these kids give up prematurely. "I think younger kids also need to move, but not in this form," Dr. Eime added. (via)Related articles in sports:
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