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Fruit sugar is the goose

Fruit sugar is the goose

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Tummy tuck can be caused by sugar, and after a diagnosis, diet should come! The child's gastroenterologist answers.

Stomach in childhood

I would like to be educated about fructose intolerance, which is because of the gastroenterology of my three-year-old son, who has stomach fat and more. What can a child eat, where can I get information about this disease? Kiszel Jбnosné, email
Fructose intolerance is a disorder of the breakdown of fruit sugar. This may be a milder form of transient, non-respiratory distress, or a more severe congenital disorder (which is very rarely a morbid condition). In fact, the latter is called fructose intolerance, which is definitely not for the baby - this is the first fruit (fructose) consumed by the child, usually at six months of age, with very severe abdominal diabetes, low blood sugar. Your baby may have a mild, transient fructose disorder called fructose malabsorption, when the patient's body is unable to completely break down sugar in the blood.
As a result of the poor functioning of the fructose-like enzyme, the sugar component cannot be degraded in the small intestine, which can cause bloating, diarrhea, and stomach as in your baby. The fructose dysfunction can be confirmed by a hydrogeological test. Ask your local dietician for information about your diet, and the website provides expert help on the subject, says dr. Gorb's bloodbath, gastroenterologist.
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